Pay with BroBizz® on Mols-Linien

Fast onboard embarkation, a guaranteed place on the ferry up to 5 minutes before departure and access to the business lounge onboard are just some of the benefits you get if you pay with your BroBizz, when you cross the Kattegat with Mols-Linien’s fast ferries.

If you fancy a rest on the journey between Jutland and Zealand, you can choose to take one of Mols-Linien’s fast ferries.  There are up to 26 daily departures, and the crossing between Aarhus-Odden only takes approximately 75 minutes, while the crossing time on the Odden-Ebeltoft route is only 55 minutes. At the same time you save about 200 kilometers when you choose to cross the Kattegat with Mols-Linien.

Extra benefits with BroBizz

If you pay for your crossing with your BroBizz, you get extra benefits that make the journey even easier for you who are on the move. The only thing you have to do is place your BroBizz in windscreen and drive into the special BlueClass check-in lanes. Here you do not have to think about getting out your wallet, as the crossing is paid for via your BroBizz, and it’s not necessary to book tickets from home, as your BroBizz automatically ensures you get a space on the ferry right up to 5 minutes before departure.

When you come onboard the fast ferry, you can enjoy the break in the business lounge, where your BroBizz ensures you direct access. In quiet surroundings you can choose to take advantage of the free WiFi, to do some of the work that you would not have been able to do if you had taken the motorway all the way.

BroBizz benefits on the trip with Mols-Linien

  • Special Business BlueClass express check-in lanes at the port, so you avoid the queue

  • Simple billing via BroBizz

  • Guaranteed space on the ferry right up to 5 minutes before departure - without you having to book a ticket in advance

  • You are first on and off the ferry

  • Access to the business lounge onboard

  • Free App with an overview of departure times

Business BlueClass - both for private and business travellers

You travel at the Business BlueClass check-in price with BroBizz. If you travel often, you have as both a private and business traveller, the option to enter into a BroBizz discount agreement with Mols-Linien.