Pay with BroBizz on the Oresund Bridge

Enter into a BroPas agreement and drive over the Oresund Bridge for half price with BroBizz®. You will also get loads of great deals on experiences in Sweden.

If you cross the Oresund Bridge more than once a year, then BroPas is the right agreement for you. Your trips across the Oresund Bridge are half price with a BroPas leisure agreement, and you can link your current BroBizz to the agreement, so you only have one Bizz in the car.

BroBizz benefits with BroPas

BroPas is an annual subscription and only costs DKK 300 a year, which means the annual subscription pays for itself on the very first trip. In addition to the savings, there are a number of other benefits to be gained from having a BroPas agreement linked to your BroBizz:

  • You become a member of Club BroPas, which gives you access to great deals on, for example, experiences, accommodation and shopping in Sweden.
  • You get access to the special Bizz lanes at the tollbooths
  • Easy administration via My Account here on the website
  • Simple billing via BroBizz

This is how you do it

Order a BroPas leisure agreement on Oresund Bridge’s website.

On Step 2 in the order, choose the “I already have a Bizz” option and enter the number below the barcode on your BroBizz.

Read more about prices and discounts with a BroPas agreement on Oresund Bridge’s website.