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BroBizz A/S works together with a large number of bridges, toll roads, ferries etc. in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Austria.


BroBizz A/S is part of the EasyGo collaboration, which makes it possible to use BroBizz on bridges, ferries and toll roads in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Austria. The EasyGo collaboration includes

  • The Great Belt Bridge
  • The Øresund Bridge
  • Scandlines
  • Molslinjen
  • The Norwegian Public Roads Administration
  • The Swedish Transport Agency
  • ASFiNAG (Austria) – vehicles over 3.5 tons

This is where you can use your BroBizz.

Other partners

BroBizz A/S has entered into a cooperation agreement with Copenhagen Airports A/S and Billund Airport for payment with BroBizz® in certain multi-storey car parks. 

Would you like to be a partner?

We are constantly working to expand our circle of partners. Our ambition is to work together with every single automatic payment facility in Europe.

You are always welcome to contact our CEO, Helle Bech to discuss the opportunities that working with us provides.

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