At Öresundsbron you can pay with BroBizz from BroBizz A/S.

Anyone with a BroBizz pays automatically when they cross the Øresund Bridge. If you register for the Øresund Bridge’s ‘BroPas’ (Bridge Pass-agreement), you receive considerable discounts on your trips over the bridge.

Get your trips for less than half price.

Please note that BroPas is a subscription agreement and your payment is made to the Øresund Bridge. When you have registered, you pay for the annual subscription until you cancel it. Remember to cancel the agreement if you are not going to use it!
When you click the button you accept that we will transfer your information to the Øresundbro Consortium for your registration of BroPas.

Not a Customer at BroBizz yet?

You can create a BroBizz account and order BroBizz right here and afterwards order a BroPas agreement. You pay a DKK 200 deposit for your BroBizz Private. If you cancel your agreement and return your BroBizz to us intact, your deposit will be refunded.