EasyGo+ erhverv

Ordering EasyGo+ Private

Below you can see how to order an EasyGo+ Private in af few steps.

First download these documents:
“Private Terms” and “EasyGo+ additional agreement.”
You will find both documents on the right of this page.

Then follow these few instructions:

  • Read the “Private Agreement Terms”
  • Read and fill out personal data fields in the “EasyGo+ additional agreement”. This is done easily on your computer
  • Fill out fields in Annex 1 on your computer
  • Print and sign the “EasyGo+ additional agreement”
  • Make a copy/picture of the registration certificate for your vehicle
  • Make a copy/picture of the documentation that specifies the Euro emission category of your vehicle (if not specified on the registration certificate)
  • Send the documents to kundeservice@brobizz.com . Write “EasyGo+” in the subject line

Once we have received all required documentation, we will draw up your agreement and send the EasyGo + device to you in af few days. You will receive an e-mail when the device is shipped.

If you pay using a payment card it is important that you update it on your account as soon as you receive the EasyGo+. The agreement will be blocked until the payment card is updated.

The documentation can alternatively be sent by regular post to:

BroBizz A/S
Att: Easygo+
Vester Søgade 10
1601 Copenhagen V