Norge - vejbetaling


In Norway, road charges apply at many locations, including at bridges, tunnels and on roads.

The toll roads are marked but it is easy to overlook tolls. 

BroBizz is an easy means to pay the road charge and automatically receive a discount at most places.

For commercial vehicles over 3500 kgs there are several beneficial special agreements. Read more

If you drive an electric car you do not need to pay road charges, except on the Svinesund Connection. To be exempt from the charge, it is important that you have a BroBizz in your car, and that you have registered that your car is an electric car with BroBizz A/S. Write to us - Select the section ‘BroBizz abroad’.

In Norway, most motorhomes over 3500 kgs pay the same price as passenger cars. However, in order to receive the discount, you must have a valid BroBizz in your car, and it must be registered to your motorhome. Send us a copy of your registration certificate (, and we will ensure that you are charged the correct rate. 

  • Before your departure, you must ensure on My Account that you have entered the correct registration details about the car you are driving. Read more about why
  • You then simply need to ensure that your BroBizz is placed on your windscreen when you are driving in Norway.