PayByPlate - husk at nummerpladen skal være ren

Pay with your number plate

With PayByPlate, you can use your number plate as a payment method.

PayByPlate can currently be used at the Storebælt Bridge and several of our partners are in the process of implementing number plate payment.

See how PayByPlate works with:

Benefits of PayByPlate:

  • Registering is free of charge
  • It only takes 20 minutes from setting up your agreement until you can use it
  • Your trips paid for using PayByPlate are automatically charged to your payment card.
  • You always have an overview of your trips in My Account and the BroBizz app

Register here on the website

You can of course also register for PayByPlate here on the website.

If you already have a BroBizz - and thereby a customer agreement with BroBizz A/S - and would also like to be able to pay with your number plate, you can sign into My Account and register for PayByPlate there. This way, all your payments will be grouped under the same customer agreement.

If you are not yet a customer with us, register as a new customer.

Remember to have the vehicle’s registration number and your payment card ready.

Sign up for PayByPlate

Here you can sign up for PayByPlate. If you are already a customer - and have a BroBizz - you can register directly in My Account. If you are not yet a customer with us, register as a new customer.

Sign up in the BroBizz app

The easiest way to sign up for PayByPlate is using the BroBizz app. Download the app for free in Google Play or the App Store - you do not need to already be a customer before using the app. Here you can both create a new customer agreement and register for PayByPlate. With the app, you are also ensured a good overview of your agreement and your usage.

Please be aware of the following:

  • PayByPlate can only be used with vehicles under 3500 kg - i.e. ordinary passenger vehicles and vans with ordinary Danish number plates. 
  • If you have a vanity plate or a vintage/old number plate, you cannot use PayByPlate.
  • You can, however, use PayByPlate if you are driving with a trailer, e.g. a trailer or a caravan. You only need to ensure that the towing passenger vehicle is registered with PayByPlate.
  • Unfortunately, motorcycles cannot use PayByPlate and the same applies to lorries and buses exceeding 3500 kg.
  • It is important that the number plate is clean - otherwise there is a risk that we will be unable to read it at the toll station.

If you have BroBizz for business purposes and would like to have PayByPlate for private use - or the other way around - this is also an option. Read more about PayByPlate Business.

PayByPlate or BroBizz?

Number plate payment with PayByPlate and BroBizz are two different payment methods with different options. Get an overview of what matches your needs here.

Remember that there is an option of having both at the same time - on the same customer agreement.

FAQ on PayByPlate

Privacy Policy

When you order PayByPlate, you provide us with data that is necessary for us to have in connection with your customer relationship. We take good care of the data you have provided us with. You can read more about how in our Privacy Policy. Read BroBizz A/S' Privacy Policy