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18 June 2019

Stay away from traffic jams on your motoring holiday

Your holiday is simply too short to spend it stuck on a motorway somewhere in Europe. You can find the perfect time to drive if you plan ahead a bit.

That’s why we’ve created a list of websites where you can find information before heading south for the sun – or travelling to see our neighbours in Norway and Sweden.

A good starting point

When your driving holiday starts in Denmark, it’s nice to have a bit of an overview of what’s happening on the roads in Denmark.

If you’re going to be crossing Storebælt Bridge, you can always find out what’s going on with the traffic on the Storebælt website. Information is also available at the Danish Road Directorate website, which includes a map of Denmark showing an overview of roadworks and closed roads, and a page showing summer traffic in Denmark.

Heading for our Nordic neighbours

Some Danes like to spend their summer holidays a little further north in Scandinavia. If you’re heading to Sweden, we recommend that you check the situation on the Swedish motorways at the Swedish Transport Administration’s traffic information. You can also download information from, which is divided into the Gothenburg and Stockholm regions.

You may also be travelling through Sweden towards Norway. If so, you can visit the Norwegian Public Roads Administration website, where you can stay up to date on important traffic information.

On the Autobahn in Germany

If you’re going to be driving down through Germany, it’s a good idea to check Verkehrsinfo before you head off. There’s also good information available to download from the ADAC traffic information website.

If anybody knows a lot about what’s happening on the roads, it’s FDM. In the summer they make a brilliant Autobahn calendar showing busy periods on German motorways. They are also great at providing traffic jam forecasts that you can keep an eye out for on the FDM website.

Brenner Pass and mountain roads

If you’re heading all the way down to Austria or just passing through, we recommend checking the traffic situation at the ÖAMTC website.

The boot-shaped peninsula

For many Danes, travelling through Austria is a way of getting to Italy. If you’ve strapped your roofbox on and are heading for this beautiful country with its wonderful countryside and unique people, check out the Autostrade website.


Have a great trip!

Country: Denmark
Language: English

Country: Denmark
Language: English