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30 October 2019

Number plate insurance with no excess for Danish motorists

A new partnership between BroBizz and GF Forsikring provides number plate payment customers with special insurance to cover car number plates in case they are stolen.

Paying is easy – insurance should be easy

Brobizz launched its payment solution number plate payment back in March 2018. This means that car number plates are now so much more than just a way of registering the car. They’ve become an important method of payment for many Danish people when they want to pay to cross a bridge, take a ferry, park or have their cars washed.

But insurance policies haven’t kept up with this development. Up to now, most motorists have had their number plates covered by their comprehensive insurance policies, but these typically come with an excess that’s higher than the cost of a set of new standard plates. Now Brobizz and GF Forsikring are using their new partnership to offer the first insurance policy that solely covers car number plates.

“We’re always working to offer our customers additional attractive options thanks to new partnerships. Our partnership with GF Forsikring gives our number plate payment customers – of which there are more than 350,000 – the opportunity to ensure their number plates for 0 DKK, and without paying an excess. Paying with the number plate is quick and easy. So it should also be quick and easy to ensure it,” says Kasper Ørtvig, CEO of Brobizz A/S.

New customer needs, new insurance options

GF Forsikring is always looking to adapt its insurance policies to meet the challenges facing Danes on a daily basis. The new number plate insurance policy is a good example of this, as figures provided by the police indicate that number plates theft is still a problem.

“We’re pleased about our new partnership with Brobizz. We hope our new insurance policy will meet a need that many consumers have, allowing them to cover their number plates quickly and easily. The focal point of this partnership involves exploiting the collective market potential by adding value for one another’s customers,” says Bjarne Toftlund, CEO of GF Forsikring.

Partnership gradually extended

This number plate insurance policy is the first result of the new partnership between Brobizz and GF Forsikring. This partnership will be extended gradually over the next few years.

Besides number plate insurance, a special agreement is now being introduced for all Brobizz private customers, offering a range of benefits such as car park damage insurance, free roadside assistance for the first year and special discounts on other insurance policies.

Find out more about the new number plate insurance policy, and book now if you’re a number plate payment customer (number plate payment is only available for Danish registered license plates).

Facts about the partnership:

  • Number plate insurance can only be taken out by number plate payment private customers with Brobizz A/S.
  • You don’t need to combine all your insurance policies with GF to take out this number plate insurance. It can be used as a supplement to your motor insurance with another company. However, you must consent to allow GF Forsikring to get in touch with non-binding offers for other insurance policies.
  • Number plate payment customers can get this number plate insurance for 0 DKK
  • The number plate insurance policy covers all cars in the household and pays compensation if your number plates are stolen – and there’s no excess to pay.

Facts about number plate theft:
It’s been compulsory to screw or bolt number plates on since mid-November 2015. But that doesn’t seem to have slowed number plate thefts. According to the police, 6,280 thefts of number plates were reported all over Denmark between July 2018 and June 2019.

Language: English

Language: English