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9 January 2019

New director for Brobizz A/S

Kasper Ørtvig is the new CEO of Brobizz A/S. His aim is to make it easier to be motorist in Denmark and Europe.

New Year, new changes. Kasper Ørtvig is taking over as the new CEO of Brobizz A/S. He will be helping to turn the company’s digital visions into reality, making Brobizz into a broad, interlinked transport concept giving customers more options and better services.

When he’s not at work, Kasper is often off travelling with his family on the islands of Bornholm and Funen, and they have a holiday cottage in Småland, Sweden. Kasper is also a dedicated skier and frequently takes his family on skiing holidays heading either north or south by road. That’s why Kasper is familiar with all kinds of customer experiences as a motorist in Denmark and Europe.

From telecoms to payment

At work, Kasper Ørtvig has been busy transforming the telecoms industry over the last 12 years, and most recently he held commercial responsibility for YouSee’s over 1 million private mobile customers during a period of high levels of digital transformation and competition. Now he’s swapping those 1 million mobile customers for 1 million Brobizz customers in his new role as CEO of Brobizz A/S, where he’s been working as the Commercial Director since 1 September 2018. Brobizz A/S is undergoing major strategic change, focusing on extending Brobizz services all over the country and in new transport-related industries.

“Brobizz is best-known at the moment as a way of paying to cross Storebælt Bridge, which is entirely natural since the two have grown together for 20 years. With a strong brand, very high levels of customer satisfaction and devices in more than one in three Danish cars, I can see enormous potential for extending the range of services to include new partners in the field of transport,” explains Kasper Ørtvig.

New business opportunities

The new digital strategy aims to include new business opportunities. The ambition is to ensure that motorists with a Brobizz agreement can get around in Denmark more easily and cheaply, as well as travelling to Europe, with particular emphasis on Scandinavia. Moreover, the Brobizz agreement can be used for lots more than just bridge and ferry crossings.

“It’s clear to us that our customers want their Brobizz devices or number plates to be used to pay for more than just bridges, and we have an ambitious rollout plan in place for 2019. We’re looking at new ferry routes, parking and other services that want to give our Brobizz customers relevant benefits in future,” continues Kasper. “I’m also expecting 2019 to be the year in which customers can drive for the first time to countries in southern and central Europe and pay road tolls via their Brobizz agreements.”

Focus on number plate payment and app

There are two critical digital development areas that have to be powered up if the new strategy is to be successful. Number plate recognition is developing rapidly and will overtake many of the physical Brobizz devices for private motorists in particular in the long term. The number plate payment solution was launched in March 2018, and the company is expecting to have around 200,000 customers after just the first year. The second development area is the Brobizz app, which will be the digital platform that will make it easy for customers to find out what benefits and offers are available nearby.

“Cameras for reading number plates our already fitted at ferry ports, car parks and service stations. Linking these to number plate payment is relatively easy and cheap, and it provides access to a large customer group. We believe this offers major value to both customers and partners, and we are doing our very best to give our customers a good, intuitive overview of the benefits and opportunities offered by the Brobizz app, which 200,000 people have already downloaded in Denmark,” says Kasper.

With a new digital strategy and the company’s many ambitions for 2019, Kasper Ørtvig is pleased to have an agile, talented organisation behind him.

“Brobizz A/S is a company driven by incredibly committed staff who love to focus on our customers, and I’m really looking forward to embarking on an exciting 2019 together with all of my great colleagues,” concludes Kasper Ørtvig.


Country: Denmark
Language: English

Country: Denmark
Language: English