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18 June 2019

Enjoy the summer

Tips for your summer trip. Stay up to date with sailings and traffic information before heading out on your summer trip.

Leave plenty of time

The summer holidays are almost upon us, your holiday cottage or flights are booked, and everyone is planning to get away at the same time. That means plenty of traffic out there. Particularly at points where lots of vehicles have to pass through a payment system, or at ferry ports. We definitely recommend leaving plenty of time for your trip as far as possible.

Stay up to date

Lots of things can happen in the places where you can use Brobizz and number plate payment – problems caused by the elements, or by lack of attention from other road users. Use our partners to stay abreast of the traffic and routes that are affected by weather – start off by checking their websites and text messaging services. Here’s a selection of the kind of services offered by some of our partners and the Danish Road Directorate:

No matter how you’re travelling to your summer holiday, we recommend you keep an eye on what’s happening with the traffic. View all our partners here.

Check traffic in Europe and Scandinavia

We’ve gathered together links to a number of traffic services if you’re going to be travelling with the family on a motoring holiday through Europe or any of our northern neighbours. These can be found in our article Stay away from traffic jams on your motoring holiday.


Enjoy your summer!
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Country: Denmark
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