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28 January 2020

Brobizz can help with your winter holiday

Pay with bizz and number plate payment on your holiday – whether you’re heading for Sweden, Norway, Germany or across Denmark.

Sweden on land and by water

There are a number of ways to get to Sweden. When you drive across Øresund Bridge, you can link an ØresundGO agreement from Øresund Bridge to your bizz and/or number plate payment. The discount agreement gives you more than half price off bridge crossings. Find out more about ØresundGO, and place your order here.

If you sail with ForSea on the Helsingør-Helsingborg route, you can link an AutoBizz Smart agreement to your bizz and always be sure of good prices and access to ForSea benefits and discounts. Find out more about ForSea and AutoBizz Smart.

Automatic discount in Norway

Place your bizz in the windscreen for an automatic discount when using toll roads in Norway. Before departure, make sure you’ve entered the correct registration details for the vehicle you’re using in My Account. 

All you then need to do is make sure your bizz is in the windscreen when driving in Norway. 

Note: From the 1st February 2023 it will no longer be possible as a private customer to use a bizz from Brobizz to pay for toll in Norway. You can read more here.

Faster Storebælt crossings

Storebælt Bridge has a new payment system making it possible for everyone with number plate payment to use the green Ekspres (Express) lanes. The speed limit has been increased to 50 km/h from 30, and you’ll continue to save more than 50 DKK each way (applies to cars measuring 3-6 metres).

You get automatic discount on Storebælt Bridge when you have a bizz or use number plate payment to pay. Find out more and view prices for cars here.

Heading for Germany

If you’re heading for Germany during the winter holidays, you can put your bizz in the windscreen. That’s because you can pay automatically for your crossing on the Scandlines Rødby-Puttgarten and Gedser-Rostock ferry routes, and you won’t have to pay the handling fee at the port either. Find out about payment on the Scandlines Rødby-Puttgarten or Scandlines Gedser-Rostock ferry.

Parking at Billund and Copenhagen

Don’t forget your bizz if you want to park at the airport. The barrier will be raised automatically at both airports if you have it in the windscreen. Find out more about parking at Billund Airport and parking at Kastrup Airport here.

Aboard Molslinjen

You can pay with both bizz and number plate payment when sailing with the Molslinjen ferry. However there are slight differences in the ticket types that you can reserve and buy. PayByPlate gives you access to all ticket types when you book in advance. You cannot reserve tickets with bizz, but you can have access to Business BlueClass.

Find out more about Molslinjen ferry routes here: Odden-Ebeltoft and Odden-Aarhus!

Everything at your fingertips

Download the Brobizz app to view the agreements you have with Brobizz, order a new Brobizz, register for number plate payment and update your details.

Country: Denmark
Language: English

Country: Denmark
Language: English