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7 November 2018

200 new parking options with Brobizz

Brobizz A/S has extended its parking selection for all private customers. A new partnership with APCOA PARKING provides an opportunity for users to pay with their bizz or number plate (PayByPlate) agreements while saving money on parking.

APCOA PARKING is one of Denmark’s biggest providers of parking, with car parks throughout most of the country. This new partnership means that customers will have easy access to parking, and to combine your parking payments with the agreement that you use for bridges and ferries.

Method of payment with discount

The agreement with APCOA PARKING is yet another step towards making Brobizz A/S the preferred method of payment for motorists.

With this new partnership, your agreement with Brobizz A/S will be extended to create a new form of payment, along the same lines as a payment card. And when you choose Brobizz A/S as your payment method, you’ll always get at least a five per cent discount on your parking at APCOA PARKING car parks* all over Denmark.

APCOA PARKING also works with a range of partners providing other discount opportunities, but as a Brobizz customer with APCOA PARKING you’ll always get the discount you’re entitled to, and at least five per cent.

If you already have a discount agreement via Tivoli, for example, you’ll automatically get the highest discount rate. Essentially, you’re always guaranteed the best possible discount with Brobizz A/S – at least five per cent.

This is what you need to do

You should use the APCOA PARKING app – APCOA FLOW – when paying for your parking at one of their car parks. You can download this from wherever you normally download apps for your smartphone. You create a user ID in the app and then select Brobizz A/S when you choose a payment method for parking.

If you have a number of agreements with us, you can choose from the various agreements so that the payment is linked to your preferred agreement.

No bizz needed in the windscreen

You DO NOT have to use your physical bizz when you enter a car park run by APCOA PARKING. Your agreement is what gives you the option of paying directly in APCOA FLOW.

Partnership with Billund as before

APCOA PARKING operates car parks at Billund Airport, where you’ve been able to pay for parking with your Brobizz for a number of years. The agreement with the options it includes will continue as before. The new partnership with APCOA PARKING simply extends the Brobizz parking service.

Find out more about the partnership between Brobizz A/S and APCOA.

*The agreement does not apply to individual closed APCOA PARKING car parks with barriers.

Country: Denmark
Language: English

Country: Denmark
Language: English