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BroBizz A/S


BroBizz A/S is 100% owned by Sund & Bælt Holding A/S. The company is run by a day-to-day management team, who make decisions on an on-going basis. Meanwhile, the board of directors establishes the framework for the company.

Day-to-day management team

Kasper Ørtvig
Kasper Ørtvig - LinkedIn

Ole Lykke Christensen
Chief Operating Officer/COO
Ole Lykke Christensen - LinkedIn

Mette Berthelsen
Head of Sales & Market
Mette Berthelsen - LinkedIn

John Ström
Head of Digital Business Development
John Ström - LinkedIn

Mads Ravn
Head of Marketing
Mads Ravn - LinkedIn

Nicolai Fæste
Head of Customer Program
Nicolai Fæste - LinkedIn

Board of Directors

Mikkel Hemmingsen
Chairman of the Board

Mogens Hansen
Board Member

Bjarne Jørgensen
Board Member

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