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Please note that due to coronavirus / COVID-19, there may be altered traffic conditions, e.g. changes in sailing plans or restrictions at national borders. Therefore, we recommend that you seek information about current conditions on our partners websites or social channels before you leave.

Langelandsfærgen mellem Spodsbjerg og Tårs

Langelandslinjen: Spodsbjerg ↔ Tårs

Anyone with a BroBizz can pay automatically on this route.

  • Anyone with a BroBizz can pay automatically on this route, as it is part of the EasyGo partnership. Read more about the Langelandslinjen and EasyGo
  • Drive in the automatic check-in lane indicated by the BroBizz signs.
  • The Langelandslinjen agreement programme provides additional benefits and discounts to suit particular needs.

Please note, EasyGo applies exclusively to passenger cars up to 6 m.

To be certain of getting on the ferry, you should book a ticket for the desired departure.

Read more about the specific rules and conditions on the Langelandslinjen homepage​ (only available in Danish)