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Please note that due to coronavirus / COVID-19, there may be altered traffic conditions, e.g. changes in sailing plans or restrictions at national borders. Therefore, we recommend that you seek information about current conditions on our partners websites or social channels before you leave. Læs mere her.

Læsøfærgen: Frederikshavn ↔ Læsø

You must register your BroBizz to be able to use it on the Læsø Ferry.

You must register your BroBizz to be able to use it on the Læsø Ferry. Register BroBizz with the Læsø Ferry

  • To be certain of getting on the ferry, you should book a ticket in advance. Reservations can be booked on the Læsø Ferry website.
  • Check in at the machines at the port - place your BroBizz on the windscreen, and it will happen automatically. To avoid losing your reservation, check in at least 20 minutes before departure. See the prices on the Læsø Ferry website

Special prices apply to Læsø residents and summer homeowners. First, you must have an Ø-card from Læsø Municipality, which you link with your BroBizz. When you then book a ticket, it will be stored on your BroBizz. You can then check in automatically simply by displaying your BroBizz before you arrive at the port. Always remember to carry your Ø-card.