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How do I update my payment card in the app?

It’s important for you always to have a valid payment card or fuel card linked to your profile.

Avoid charges or being stopped at a payment facility by updating your card for your bizz or number plate payment (PayByPlate).

Remember, you must be logged in – have a look here for information on how to do that.

This is what you do

  1. Log in to the Brobizz app
  2. Go to the ‘Profile’ menu item
  3. Select ‘My BroBizz’ or ‘My PayByPlate’ and click on the payment agreement for which you want to update the card
  4. Click on the ‘Payment card’ tab, followed by the green ‘Update payment card’ button
  5. Confirm that you want to update the card for the selected payment agreement* (select ‘No, don’t update for other agreements’)
  6. Enter the information for the new card and click on ‘Register card’

* You can update the card on all agreements at the same time if you have several agreements – to do this, just click on the green ‘Yes’ button.

Please be aware

There’s a difference in when your bizz or number plate payment works when you update a payment card – find out more here.



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Country: Denmark
Language: English

Country: Denmark
Language: English