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How do I cancel my agreement?

Cancel bizz

You can’t cancel a bizz in the app. There are two ways to cancel your bizz.

1. If you still have your bizz, you can return it to

Brobizz A/S
Vester Søgade 10
1601 Copenhagen V
(Mark your envelope ‘Closure’)

Any bizz devices returned will be shut down if the envelope is not labelled.

If you’ve paid a deposit, this will be returned to the payment card linked with your account.

2. If you’ve misplaced your bizz but want to cancel it

You must contact customer service and ask them to terminate your agreement.

You’ll be asked to verify your identity (we’ll need your customer number). Please note this in the description field.

If you haven’t paid a deposit, you will be charged 200 DKK. If you’ve paid a deposit but can’t return your bizz to us, you’ll lose your deposit.

Cancelling your number plate payment (PayByPlate)

You must be logged in to the Brobizz app to cancel your agreement. How to log in is described here.

This is how to cancel number plate payment:

  1. Go to the ‘Profile’ menu item after logging in
  2. Select ‘My BroBizz’ or ‘My PayByPlate’
  3. Click on the agreement that you want to block/cancel. These two options appear at the bottom of the app.

Blocking your number plate payment will only deactivate it. If you cancel number plate payment, this will then be deleted from your agreement list.

Cancel customer relationship

If you no longer want to be a customer with Brobizz, you must contact customer service. This is easy to do by email:

If you have bizz, choose whether to return it or not. Please note 'delete customer relationship' in the description field. 

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Country: Denmark
Language: English

Country: Denmark
Language: English