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What is a bizz, and what is number plate payment?

At Brobizz, you can order a bizz for the windscreen or sign up for a number plate payment and pay with your number plate when you are on the go.

Bizz – a smart little device in your windscreen

Bizz is a little box for your windscreen. When you place an order and create a customer
account, we’ll send you a bizz that is linked to the information you’ve given us (such as your
name, email address and payment card). Note that it costs DKK 200 to order a bizz.

See here where you can pay with bizz

Your bizz number

You may need your bizz number occasionally. This is a 16-digit number that you’ll find on the narrow long side of your bizz.

If your bizz is supplied by Brobizz, this number will start with 9208 or 9780. If it starts with other digits, you’re not one of our customers – mostly, the sticker on your bizz will show you which company you ordered it from.

Good advice on bizz information

If you’re planning to drive in Norway, it’s a good idea to register your number plate to the bizz in your windscreen. It’s also important to register your fuel type, the vehicle type and the country code for the vehicle.

You will then be charged automatically via your agreement with Brobizz, and you’ll also get discounts in several places.

If you’re planning to cross Kronprinsesse Marys Bro (Bridge), you also need your number plate registered to your bizz agreement. This will ensure that you always pay easily and quickly via your agreement with Brobizz.

Paying with your number plate – always with you

You can use your number plate to pay for a wide range of services – on selected ferry routes and bridges, for example, and to get great offers on insurance, and lots more.

In some places your number plate will be read, while in other places all you need is a number plate agreement with Brobizz. Registering for number plate payment is free. Currently it is only possible to use number plate payment for Danish registered number plates (two letters and five numbers. Does not apply to number plates with numbers or text only).

See here where you can pay with number plate

When you have both bizz and number plate payment

If you’ve decided that you’d like to have payment options with both bizz and your number plate, you have lots more options available so that you can head off easily and stay safe on the roads.

Please note that your bizz will be prioritised over number plate payment, so if you have both on your trip, you will be charged via your bizz. If you don't want to be charged via your bizz, put it in the case that it came with.

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Country: Denmark
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Country: Denmark
Language: English