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What are Partners & Local agreements?

Partners – for your benefit

Brobizz is part of the EasyGo partnership, which ensures that our bizz devices can be used for automatic payment on ferries and bridges and at toll stations.

We have also entered into cooperation with a number of excellent reward partners, so you can also feel secure while you’re on the road, aboard a ferry or parking your car, for instance.

A lot more information about our partners can be found on their partner pages at Brobizz, while our help pages here can tell you what you should do when using your bizz or number plate to make a payment.

Local agreements – giving discounts

What are they? Local agreements mean you get discounts with many of our partners. How these discounts are given varies slightly from partner to partner. It’s important for you to find out about the partner in question by viewing their partner page on our site.

For instance, in some places you must link a separate subscription or agreement to your bizz/number plate payment from Brobizz. While elsewhere discounts are given automatically if you just select your bizz/number plate to pay with.

Why do we set up partnerships? Because we want to make life at the wheel easier and cheaper for you!

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Country: Denmark
Language: English

Country: Denmark
Language: English