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I want to park at APCOA PARKING

Parking is easier when you’re a Brobizz customer. You will always get a discount when parking at APCOA, and you’ll have more than 200 parking options all over Denmark.

All you have to do is

  1. Download the APCOA FLOW app and create a user login
  2. Add BroBizz as a payment method in the APCOA FLOW app
  3. Select your BroBizz agreement as the payment method before you start parking

Payment via your Brobizz agreement

The payment will automatically be taken from the agreement you’ve selected, and from the payment card registered for your agreement. The entire transaction takes place directly in APCOA FLOW – so you don’t need to get out your bizz, if that’s what you’ve chosen to pay with.

Worth knowing

In the City of Copenhagen, you can pay to park in all municipal car parks – including on-street parking. Discounts can’t be given on spaces belonging to the City of Copenhagen, unfortunately.

Some of APCOA PARKING’s own car parks are closed and barrier-controlled. These car parks are NOT covered by the agreement.

If you have other discount agreements with APCOA PARKING to give you greater discounts – a Tivoli agreement, for example – you’ll automatically be given the biggest discount possible when you pay via your agreement with Brobizz.

Airport parking

APCOA PARKING operates car parks at Billund Airport, where you’ve been able to pay for parking with your bizz for a number of years. You still can – Find out more here about how to park at Billund Airport.

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Country: Denmark
Language: English

Country: Denmark
Language: English