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I want to cross the Øresund Bridge

You can cross the bridge easily when you’re a Brobizz customer and have a bizz or number plate payment.

You must have a BroPas in order to get a discount

Before you can cross Øresund with a discount, you must sign up for a BroPas agreement from Øresund Bridge and link it to your agreement with Brobizz.

BroPas is a discount agreement that you enter into with the Øresundsbro Consortium. This is a subscription scheme where you pay annually. When you’ve registered, you’ll pay the annual subscription until you cancel it with the Øresundsbro Consortium.

Please be aware

If you register for number plate payment from Brobizz and link a BroPas agreement from Øresund Bridge, you can use your number plate after just 20 minutes. If you don’t link a BroPas agreement it may take up to 24 hours from registration before you can use your number plate on Øresund Bridge.
If you already have a bizz from Brobizz with a linked BroPas agreement when you register for number plate payment, BroPas will automatically be linked to your number plate payment.

You can register your bizz or number plate when you’re logged in to My Account. Find the ‘Rewards and offers’ tab. You’ll also find more information there and a link where you can sign up for the Øresund Bridge BroPas agreement.

How to order BroPas on My Account

On the front page of My Account you will find Current benefits for BroBizz customers. Click Order BroPas today - Then you're well on your way!

The picture is an example and the display of benefits will vary, depending on whether you have already signed up with our partners.

If you do not see the Øresund Bridge when you log in to My Account, it probably means that you are already registered.

You may also

Select the menu item 'Benefits & Deals' and click on the Øresund Bridge. Then you can read more before ordering.

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Country: Denmark
Language: English

Country: Denmark
Language: English