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I want to cross Storebælt Bridge

You can use bizz and number plate payment on the Storebælt Bridge. You benefit automatically from the best price when crossing the bridge in a car. Other vehicles need a special agreement.

Now you’re a Brobizz customer, you’ll automatically be signed up for the Storebælt Bridge local agreement, Storebælt Private – this is free of charge. This means that you can pay in the payment system straight away, and you always get the best prices in the green Ekspres (Express) lanes.

For instance, if you cross the bridge in a car under 6 m, you’ll save just over 50 DKK as the price with a Storebælt Private agreement + automatic payment solution (bizz/number plate) from Brobizz is just 194 DKK, compared with the standard price of 245 DKK

If there’s a leisure discount available at the time you’re crossing the bridge – Weekend Ticket, Saturday Ticket, Sunday Ticket, Public Holiday Ticket or Evening Ticket – you’ll be able to cross for even less. And it’s automatic.

Please be aware

  • If you’re crossing the bridge on a motorbike, you must use a blue Kort (Card) lane. Choose bizz as your payment method on the screen.
  • Camper vans can only use the green Ekspres (Express) lanes when they’re less than 2.7 m tall. Use the Kort (Card) or Kontant (Cash) lanes for camper vans more than 2.7 m tall.
  • If you have a trailer with you, you must measure from the car's front number plate to the trailer's rear edge, ie the total length. See also prices for the Storebælt Bridge here (in danish).
  • Storebælt Handicap and Storebælt Pendler can’t be linked with number plate payment. These two products only work with a bizz.
  • Number plate payment from Brobizz isn’t available for motorbikes yet, or for foreign-registered vehicles.
  • If you have both number plate payment and bizz, your bizz will be given priority as your method of payment. Place your bizz in the case it came in if you would prefer to pay with your number plate.
  • 4 beeps from your bizz: If your bizz beeps four times when you cross the bridge, it may be time to replace it. Find out more about replacing your bizz.
  • If you don’t have a Storebælt Private agreement linked to your bizz or number plate payment, you’ll no longer be able to receive a 5% discount as was previously the case.

More information about Storebælt Bridge

Register for the Storebælt Bridge’s bridge notifications to find out about specific conditions on the bridge. Find out how here.

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Country: Denmark
Language: English

Country: Denmark
Language: English