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I’m planning to travel with Fanølinjen (Esbjerg - Nordby)

To use your Brobizz on this route, you must sign up for the Fanølinjen agreement programme first. With Fanølinjen, you can register as an agreement customer and choose the solution that suits your needs.

The Fanølinjen partner page at Brobizz contains a link where you can order your agreement with Fanølinjen.

Please be aware

  • Pre-booking is not possible
    With a crossing time of just 12 minutes, you can’t book tickets in advance on this route.
  • The Fanølinjen agreement programme gives you more benefits and discounts
  • Valid for cars up to 6 metres long

It’s pretty easy from this point onwards

  1. Put your bizz in the windscreen and enter the automatic check-in lane, which is marked with bizz signs
  2. Enjoy the twelve-minute crossing


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Country: Denmark
Language: English

Country: Denmark
Language: English