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I’m planning to travel with Bornholmslinjen (ferry)

Number plate payment from Brobizz gives you access to all Bornholmslinjen ticket types. Bornholmslinjen runs three routes:

Be aware that you must book your ticket in advance if you want to travel at a specific departure time You can also just directly use the Check-in lanes at the port. Click on the route names above to find out more about the individual routes on the Bornholmslinjen partner pages at Brobizz.

When booking tickets in advance
Use the same mobile number as the one you use for your Brobizz agreement when booking tickets with Bornholmslinjen – we’ll use this to make sure we’re using the right agreement.

You can check whether your information has been updated in our two self-service solutions, My Account and the Brobizz app.

You must check in no less than 10 minutes before departure when you’ve booked in advance.

When driving directly to Check-in without a ticket
You’ll see an option on screen that allows you to select your number plate as the means of payment. You can also select the ticket type that suits you best. Information will then be displayed on which lane you should use.

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Country: Denmark
Language: English

Country: Denmark
Language: English