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Why can't I use my bizz from Brobizz in Norway anymore?

You can't pay with your bizz from Brobizz in Norway anymore.

Why can't I no longer use my bizz to pay in Norway?

Norway will be introducing new technical requirements for bizzes used for paying toll in Norway. These changes means that our private customers can no longer use their bizz for payment of tolls on Norwegian roads, tunnels and ferry routes from the 13th of April 2023.

You can read more on Autopass' website about your future options for paying toll in Norway.

Please note that it is not as a private customer possible to order a new bizz that can be used for future payments in Norway. This also means that you can't replace your bizz as a private customer to make sure that you can continue to drive in Norway with your bizz from Brobizz after the 13th April 2023.

How can I pay in Norway after the 13th of April 2023?

If you are going to Norway after 13th April 2023, you can read more about the options for paying for toll in Norway in the future on Autopass' website here.

Are there any changes to my bizz?

No, you can use your bizz as you are used to in the future. The only difference is that you no longer can use the bizz for automatic payment on roads and ferries in Norway.

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Country: Denmark
Language: English

Country: Denmark
Language: English