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I’m not a customer yet – what do I do?

Getting set up as a customer with Brobizz is pretty easy. Click on the green Order button at the top of this website – this will take you on to the flow where you have to:

Create a profile

When you create a profile and want to order bizz and/or number plate, you’ll be asked to enter:

  • Name
  • Email address (check you’ve entered this correctly)
  • Mobile number
  • Country
  • Address (this is also your delivery address)
  • Postcode
  • Town/city

Create an access code for your agreement – which must contain at least eight characters, including numbers and upper and lower case letters.

Select a payment agreement

This is what you have to do here

  1. Give your agreement a name (reference) so that you can always recognise it (optional)
  2. Select a vehicle type – this is crucial to the bizz you’ll be using.
  3. Enter the registration number of the car that you want to create number plate payment for.
  4. Select bizz and/or number plate payment
  5. When this is done, click on ‘Next’*.
  6. You now have to choose whether you want your agreement to be linked with your credit card or fuel card and agree to our agreement and trade terms. When you’ve chosen your preferred form of payment, click on “pay with credit card/fuel card”. Enter your card details and click “register card”

*Some good advice: If you want to create a number of number plate readers at once, you can click on ‘Create another payment agreement’ – the order you’ve already entered will be saved as a summary at the top of the page.

Log in to your profile

You can always change your details, for example, and order an additional bizz or number plate here. Get a guide on logging in to My Account here.

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Country: Denmark
Language: English

Country: Denmark
Language: English