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EasyGo + bizz for motorhomes over 3500 kg

If you are a private customer and need a trip to or through Austria in your motorhome, you can purchase an EasyGo+ bizz for vehicles weighing more than 3.500 kg.

Driving in Austria in a mobile home weighing more than 3.500 kg. requires a toll tag approved for road tolling in Austrian. You can use EasyGo + from Brobizz, but it is also possible to rent a device through Go-maut in Austria.
You can read more about road tolling and tolling tags in Austria here.


How does EasyGo + work?

EasyGo + is a more advanced payment device than the regular bizz. It can contain information about the vehicle license plate, country code, weight class and environmental class - information used by the payment institutions to determine your price.

If you like to hear more about EasyGo+ from Brobizz, please contact our customer service through this contact formula.

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Country: Denmark
Language: English

Country: Denmark
Language: English