Pay with a single device throughout most of Europe.

Now you can pay road toll for vehicles exceeding 3.5 tonnes in Scandinavia, Central and Southern Europe using one and the same device: the EuroBizz.

Heavy vehicles

EuroBizz for vehicles exceeding 3.5 tonnes consists of a device that uses both microwave and satellite technology (DSRC and GNSS). The combination of the two technologies makes it possible to use the device in more countries, for example in Germany that are just about to open their road toll system for foreign devices.

In Scandinavia and Austria you can use the EuroBizz in the same way as you currently use your BroBizz or EasyGo+, and the prices and discounts are the same.

In other countries where you can use the EuroBizz, conditions vary a bit from one country to the other. Read more under the menu item ’Countries’ to get a general idea.


Contact our sales department, who will help you adjust your EuroBizz to suit your needs, so you are guaranteed competitive terms.