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EasyGo+ for driving in Austria

EasyGo+ BroBizz is a customised contract for lorries and buses driving between Scandinavia and Austria.

EasyGo+ BroBizz is a service for lorries and buses weighing more than 3,500 kg and driving to, or through Austria.

Advantages of EasyGo+ BroBizz:

  • EasyGo+ BroBizz enables you to use the same payment device in four countries
  • You avoid the need for several payment devices
  • You enter the number of axles on the car directly on the device
  • Your total usage is incorporated in a single invoice from BroBizz
  • You enjoy quick passage at tollbooths

How it works

It does not cost anything to upgrade an existing BroBizz contract to EasyGo+, but you must sign a special contract with us, since there are special rules for toll roads in Austria.

With an EasyGo+ BroBizz contract we exchange your current, ordinary BroBizz for a more advanced payment device. This can contain information about the vehicle’s number-plate, country code, weight class and environmental category: any information, which the tollbooths use to determine your price.

When driving in Austria, you must also enter the number of axles on the lorry or bus. This is done directly on the device. The price of driving on toll roads differs from place to place. We advise you to investigate what the prices and discounts are at the tollbooths, through which you drive. You will find more information about tollbooths and their prices on EasyGo’s website.

Order EasyGo+ BroBizz

You can order EasyGo+ BroBizz by completing the order form.

We will then contact you within 2 working days to complete your order.