Questions/Answers for ØresundBizz with Smart agreement at Scandlines HH

Why is it BroBizz A/S that now handles the collection for my SMART agreement with Scandlines Helsingør-Helsingborg?

BroBizz A/S has taken over the administrative task of collecting payments for all trips made with your SMART agreement, from Scandlines Helsingør-Helsingborg, as well as the annual fee. Your benefits, and discounts on the SMART agreement, continues as before.

Do I need to update my contact and payment information with both the Øresund Consortium and you?

Yes you do. BroBizz A/S and the Øresund Consortium are 2 independent companies, therefore we can’t synchronize data, when you update it with one of the companies. This is why it is important that you update your data with both.

I want to cancel the SMART agreement on my ØresundBizz unit –Who do I contact?

If you no longer wish to have a SMART agreement linked to your ØresundBizz unit, then you need to contact Scandlines Helsingør-Helsingborg via telephone: +46 42 186120 or via e-mail:

Why can’t I use the BroBizz App?

Our app only works with Bizz units issued by BroBizz A/S.  Since your unit has been issued by the Øresund Consortium, we can’t offer you the use of our app.

Can I order an extra Bizz with you?

You can’t order an extra ØresundBizz with BroBizz A/S. If you need an extra ØresundBizz, then you need to contact the Øresund Consortium.

Can I combine my BroBizz, AutoBizz and ØresundBizz under one customer number?

No, it is not technically possible for us to merge customer numbers with different types of bizz units.