My BroBizz is not working

There can be many different reasons that your BroBizz is not working:

  1. You acquired a new credit/debit card since last using your BroBizz. You can update your credit card details in My Account or in Update credit/debit card. You must use your BroBizz number, which has 16 digits and starts with 9208 or 9780, and your postal code.
  2. Your BroBizz has run out of power or broken.

If the battery is empty. you can exchange your BroBizz:

1. Send your BroBizz to

BroBizz A/S
Vester Søgade 10
DK-1601 Copenhagen V

Write “EXCHANGE” clearly on the front of the envelope. It will take about 5-10 working days before you receive your new BroBizz.

2. Exchange your BroBizz in the manual lane on the Great Belt Bridge. This presupposes that your BroBizz is signed up for a local contract with Storebælt A/S.

3. Your BroBizz has been positioned wrongly.

In order for the signal to travel from your BroBizz to the automatic tollbooth, it is crucial for it to be positioned correctly.

Put your BroBizz in the Holder that you receive together with the BroBizz.

In private cars: fit the holder on the front windscreen as close to the rear-view mirror as possible.

In lorries and busses: fit the holder about 10cm above the lower edge of the windscreen.


Correct installation for private cars.

Download instructions for installation on lorries and coaches.