I have received an invoice for a trip in Norway

You may receive an invoice directly from EPC (Euro Parking Collection) for your trips in Norway for two reasons:

1. The automatic tollbooth did not “capture” the signal from your BroBizz, so did not deduct the amount automatically. In such cases, the Norwegian operators use photos from the automatic tollbooths to see the car's registration number. If you have not updated your BroBizz with a registration number, country code and vehicle type, the invoice is forwarded to EPC in London.

They then send the invoice to the owner of the vehicle with the registration number in question.

2. If your BroBizz is not associated with an active credit/debit card at the time of driving, you have to pay manually. This is done via an invoice.

That is why we recommend that you always keep your BroBizz updated with registration number, country code and vehicle type in My Account