I have been given a Green Card What do I do?

You will get a Green Card, if you did not have an active credit/debit card associated with your BroBizz when you drove through an automatic tollbooth.

This means that you need to update your credit/debit card information within 5 days, so that BroBizz A/S can deduct payment.

You should be aware that there might be non-payments for both outbound and homebound trips.

If you do not update your credit/debit card information within 5 days, you will receive an invoice for the trips along with an administration fee. You may receive two separate invoices: one for each trip you drove.

If you pay the invoice by the due date, you will avoid receiving a reminder and a reminder fee.

The invoices must be paid separately.

We do not deduct the money automatically, even if you have subsequently updated your credit/debit card information. Your BroBizz will only be re-activated after we have received your payment and associated an active credit/debit card with your BroBizz contract.

You update your credit/debit card information via the function Update debit/credit card You must use your BroBizz number and your postal code.