BroBizz use in Norway

If you use your BroBizz unit in Norway, then the charges will normally go through the BroBizz.

At some tollboths, the registration of the unit can, on rare occasions, be incorrect. In these cases, the charges will be handled manually, and a picture will be taken, of the car and license plate.

We therefore recommend that your BroBizz agreement is always updated with information about license plate, vehicle type, and registration country. This way, the charges will still be made via your BroBizz unit.

How to update

  • Log in on My Account
  • Choose My BroBizz in the menu
  • Choose BroBizz Overview
  • Choose BroBizz Number
  • Choose Edit and put in the license plate, country and vehicle type.


If your BroBizz agreement is not updated with these informations, then we cannot guarantee, that you will be charged via your BroBizz unit. The Tollboths will in these cases send and invoice, charging for the trips, that has been made. The invoice will usually arrive with a couple of months delay, and often with an added administration fee.

Remember to remove the information again,  when you for different reasons, don’t have the car anymore.

NB! For vehicles above 3.500 kg, that performs business related transportation in Norway, find more information here