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Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to create general statistics about visits to the website. Google Analytics stores two cookies in your browser – named UTMA and UTMB. UTMA gives your computer a unique ID and automatically deletes itself two years after your last visit to the website. UTMB gives your visit a unique ID and automatically deletes itself after 30 minutes when you leave the site. You as an individual can not be identified through these cookies.

Session cookies

The website also submit so-called session cookies, which the website uses to remember your entries and settings. It remembers what you entered in forms on the website, so you can easily flip back and change, and to remember, if you are logged into My Account, so you can click around the site without having to login again and again. Our session cookies are automatically deleted when you close the browser, unless you choose "remember me" when logging in to My Account.

What are cookies really?

Cookies are small files containing text and numbers, which are stored in your browser. Cookies are not programs and they can not contain viruses. Cookies are thus no security risk to your computer, but some cookies – but not any of the cookies from – can be used to display personalized advertisements on other websites. If you do not want or other websites to store cookies on your computer, you can set your browser to reject or delete them.

How to reject and delete cookies

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