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  • Guidance on the website or self-service
  • Questions about usage locations
  • Questions about ordering and use

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  • Closure and termination

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Get guidance on the website, self-service, or discount agreements.

What can we help you with by phone?

  • Guidance on the website or self-service
  • Guidance on discount agreements
  • Guidance on ordering products

Some advice before you contact us

How do I find my customer number?

You can find your customer number by logging into or in the Brobizz app under your profile. It is also shown on receipts. 

How do I find my bizz number?

You can see your bizz number on the side of your bizz, at or in the Brobizz app. You can also find it on the statement you receive each month. It has 16 digits and starts with 3104, 9208, or 9780. If it starts with any other number, your bizz is from another provider.

Why do I have to verify myself with MitID or another 3D secure app?

From January 2021, all online shops in the EU must have 2-factor authentication on their webshop. This means that you’ll be asked to verify yourself with the MitID app (or another 3D secure app) when you add or update your payment card on

Country: Denmark
Language: English

Country: Denmark
Language: English