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Proactive partnership

With you all the way

You get more than a bizz device for your vehicles with us. We have in-depth knowledge of the haulage business and tolling, and regard our collaboration as a partnership, in which we consistently use our insight and expertise to ensure that you have the best tolling solution for your business.

How do we best support your business?

Your business is always the focus of our consultancy and solutions. What’s most important, of course, is how we put together a customised agreement with you. But also when we develop new products and services, where the process often starts with input and requests from our customers – e.g. many functions under My Account and the entire idea of the Norway Agreement. That’s how we ensure that our services make a real difference to your lives.


Flexible agreement designed to adapt to your requirements and progress

If your business changes, we can quickly adjust your agreement to suit. For example, if you begin to operate more extensively in Norway, or Southern Europe. Or if you buy or sell vehicles. Our experienced team know the industry and markets, and are there to help adjust your agreement to ensure you always get the best price and discounts. 


Rapid help when there are problems

Luckily, our bizz device and invoicing systems are extremely reliable. But if you do ever encounter any problems, we’re there to help. And if a problem involves an operator, if you’ve been invoiced the incorrect amount for a toll, for instance, or cannot pass a toll barrier, we’ll contact that operator directly, so you don't have to contact different people.

Country: Denmark
Language: English

Country: Denmark
Language: English