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Easy administration frees up more time

Invoices that suit your business.

We have lots of options for customising invoices to your needs, suiting your administration and solutions. For example, you can specify file format and setup, and whether to collate or split billing on invoices. This ensures overview and easy processing.

Flexible invoices

You can see all your invoices online under My Account and get them customised to your systems and requirements.


All trips summarised on a single invoice

Brobizz means all trips made and countries visited by your vehicles are summarised on a single invoice. You have only one point to deal with, so you no longer have to handle payment of multiple tolls throughout Europe, not to mention payment of different accounts and invoices. We receive data from operators in Europe around the clock, meaning you always have updated data on trips made, and can quickly get on with invoicing.


Choose your own favourite invoice type

Want just one invoice per bizz with a detailed breakdown of trips made and payments? Or perhaps a summary invoice showing everything? You have plenty of options for choosing the type of invoice that suits your business, and for invoicing your own customers.


Multiple file formats available

To make invoicing easy for you, there are several types to choose from. We can set up your invoices in the format that suits your systems and methods best. You can also receive CSV files with detailed information on trips made and payments that can be entered into your systems for automatic invoicing.


Invoices broken down per department

Bigger companies that may have several different accounts under their tolling agreement can have invoices broken down by department. We bill each of those departments individually, saving you administration and time spent sorting out internal invoicing. We can also break them down according to other criteria.

Country: Denmark
Language: English

Country: Denmark
Language: English