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Easy administration frees up more time
My Account

All administration concentrated in one place

When you have a tolling agreement with us, we collect all trips, bizz, users, invoices and other information in one place. You gain a clear overview, save time and hassle when administering agreements and transport operations.

My Account gives overviews and makes updating easy

Get full overview of bizz devices and payments made

My Account is your digital self-service solution giving access to all details of trips, payments, bizz devices and agreements. You can drill down to details on agreements, bizz devices and trips made, edit details on e.g. vehicle, payment details and options. We get data from operators around the clock, always giving you access to the latest details.


Invoices that suit your business.

We have lots of options for customising invoices to your needs, suiting your administration and solutions. For example, you can specify file format and setup, and whether to collate or split billing on invoices. This ensures overview and easy processing.


Get statistics for trips made and consumption

When all products and payments are concentrated in one place, you can extract statistics on trips made and consumption, for example. You can specify individual agreements, departments and your business as a whole. You can download data in Excel and PDF format, enter them into your own systems for processing and distribution.


Order new bizz devices and special agreements with ease

When needs change, you can easily change your agreement with us. You can order or cancel bizz and bizz for Europe devices under My Account, to always match the number of devices and range you need. You can also update options on individual agreements you may need, such as a BroPas Business Agreement, to get a discount and benefits on the Öresund Bridge.


Update multiple details at the same time

It’s important that your details are updated to ensure you get the right discounts on the roads, and to avoid fines. So we’ve made an extra effort to ensure the administration of such details is easy and as fast as possible. You can edit multiple products in one go, for example, to avoid having to enter each one to make your edits.


Get all changes arranged by us

When you change a special agreement, or the details of your vehicle, you will only have to make one change with us. We arrange for coordination across all relevant operators. You avoid extra administration and can rest assured that your changes will be implemented the next time you pass through any given operator.

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Country: Denmark
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