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The Öresund Bridge

Half price over the Öresund Bridge

A lot of money can be saved with a BroPas Business agreement. The agreement gives you no less than 50% discount when crossing the Öresund. And you won’t have to pay a subscription or setup fee for the agreement if you only operate HGVs.

Always 50% off with BroPas

A BroPas Business agreement for your bizz device means half price crossings over the Öresund Bridge – always. Once the agreement is set up, you get the discount and the lowest price automatically. And that applies right from the first trip over the bridge and continues as long as you pay using your bizz device.

Order a BroPas Business for nothing
It’s easy to order a BroPas Business agreement via My Account. We send all the necessary details to the Öresund bridge and ensure that the agreement is set up.

Business customers pay nothing in subscription or setup fees per agreement or bizz. There can be annual renewal fees if you don’t use the bridge once you are registered.

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Country: Denmark
Language: English

Country: Denmark
Language: English