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Green discount on the Storebælt Bridge

Green discount on the Storebælt Bridge

You can get a green discount on the Storebælt Bridge if your vehicles comply with Euro 6, run on electricity or hydrogen. It’s easy to register your vehicle with us to always get the Green discount and the lowest price crossing the Storebælt Bridge.

13% discount every time you cross the Great Belt
The Green discount is an immediate discount of 13% off the list price when your vehicles cross the Great Belt. To qualify for the discount, you have to pay with bizz and have a Great Belt Business Agreement, which is automatically created when we set up a tolling agreement.


Easy registration of your vehicle with us
To get the Green discount, all you need to do is register your vehicle with us – we do the rest. You can do this by simply filling in some details under My Account. You can also call us.

If the vehicle is registered in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, the UK, Holland or Lithuania, there’s no need to send in your registration form, as Great Belt can validate the vehicle digitally.  That also saves you the setup fee.


Guide to get the Green discount

1. Enter your vehicle information in My Account

You must enter the following information in My Account:

  • Number plate
  • Country code
  • Vehicle class
  • Euro standard or fuel type.

These details must be linked to the bizz used for the crossing and correspond to the vehicle that the bizz is installed in.

If you have more than ten products, follow these instructions:

  1. Log into My Account and select ‘My agreements / View agreements’.
  2. Turn on ‘Edit my products’.
  3. You can now use our editing tool and enter data on each bizz agreement – it all takes place in a single overview.
  4. The edited field gets a green tick when data is saved.
  5. All information can be downloaded as a PDF or Excel file. Once you have downloaded the file, you can see if there is a Storebælt Business Agreement on the individual product.

If you have fewer than ten products, follow these instructions:

  1. Log into My Account and select ‘My agreements / View agreements’.
  2. Go into each agreement and edit your information.
  3. For each individual product, you can see if you have a Storebælt Business Agreement.
  4. Press ‘Confirm’ when asked if the information is correct.

2. Make sure Brobizz A/S has your registration certificate.

Checks will be made at the Storebælt Bridge for any discrepancies between the registered information and the actual vehicle. Checks will be carried out in two ways:

If your vehicle is registered in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, the UK, Lithuania or Finland

Storebælt can carry out an automatic enquiry in the vehicle registration service of the country concerned. The check will take place automatically and you do not need to submit a registration certificate.

If your vehicle is registered in another country than those listed above

Enter your vehicle information in My Account. When you have entered the Number plate, Country code, Vehicle class and Euro standard or fuel type you will get the possible to upload the registration certificate for each vehicle. The button for upload of the registration certificate will only be displayed if you have selected a country, where we need the registration certificate from you.

  • The individual PDF file may contain only one registration certificate. 
  • If the Euro emissions standard does not appear on the registration certificate, the documentation for the Euro emissions standard must be submitted together with the registration certificate as a single file. It is important that it is clear from the document that it relates to the particular vehicle using the registration number, VIN number or similar.
  • You will then pay an administration fee of DKK 200 per registration certificate for the handling of the certificate and a manual check by the authorities of the country concerned. The fee is charged by Storebælt A/S through your payment agreement with us.
  • If you move a bizz from one vehicle to another, you must resubmit a registration certificate and you will not obtain any discount until the new registration certificate has been confirmed as received.

If it turns out that there are discrepancies, Storebælt A/S is entitled to charge an additional DKK 600 per trip.

New business prices at the Storebælt Bridge

If you want an overview over the 2021-prices, we recommend that you visit storebaelt.dk.

Do you have more questions?

We have gathered our frequently asked questions regarding Green Discount, where you can read more about terms and conditions for Green Discount. You are also welcome to contact us if you have any further questions. Find our contact info here.

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Country: Denmark
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