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Bizz for Denmark and Scandinavia

If you primarily operate in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, bizz is the perfect solution. It gives your trucks and buses automatic payment on bridges, roads and ferries, plus easy access to certain ports, terminals and businesses.

Denmark, Norway and Sweden in a single tolling agreement

Tolling for the whole of Scandinavia is combined in a single device with bizz. Your drivers will not need cash or cards, and you get all toll charges summarised on a single invoice.

We help to put together the agreement that will ensure you the best prices and automatic payment for ferries, toll roads and bridges, such as the Great Belt and Öresund bridges. You can use your bizz for easy access to the ports in Vejle, Kolding and Aarhus, for example, and to certain businesses.

Discount on bridges, roads and ferries

You can link various special agreements to your bizz, so you pay least where you go most. The discount will be automatically deducted when you pay with bizz. For example: 50% discount on the Öresund Bridge, or a Norway Agreement to give you 40% discount on over 90 ferries and other benefits in Norway.

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Payment locations & discounts


Where can I use bizz for Europe?

You can use bizz for Europe as automatic payment on the Great Belt, Kronprinsesse Mary and Öresund bridges.




  • You get a 13% Green discount on the Great Belt Bridge if your vehicle is Euro 6-compliant and you have a Great Belt Business agreement. View more on the Green discount and register your vehicle with us.
  • You can set up a BroPas Business agreement for the Öresund Bridge and cross for half price every time. Read about BroPas Business and get a discount on the Öresund Bridge.
  • Unfortunately, you cannot get a discount on Kronprinsesse Marys Bridge.


Payment with bizz

  • Drive through the toll plazas on the Great Belt and Öresund bridges via the reserved lanes, and payment is registered automatically.
  • Kronprinsesse Marys Bridge in Frederikssund has a free-flow toll plaza, with no barrier or any need to stop.


Where can I use bizz for Europe?

  • You can use bizz for Europe on all toll roads in Norway.
  • It can be used for automatic payment on all ferries that bill via Bizz.

Requirements for an electronic payment device
Vehicles over 3,500 kg must have an electronic device mounted to pay road tolls in Norway. This device has to be configured for the vehicle in which it is fitted. If it fails to meet the requirements, the Norwegian authorities can levy hefty fines.

View a map of Norwegian toll plazas and prices at EasyGo.  


  • If you set up a Norway Agreement, you get the best prices and big discounts on most ferries. You get 40% on more than 90 routes with AutoPASS for ferries and 30% on the Moss-Horten ferry with Bastø Fosen A/S. We also take care of pre-payment for ferries. See more on the Norway Agreement and get the discount from us.
  • You only need to pay for a single passage in Oslo’s environment zone if you enter and leave the city within one hour. Bizz registers your entry/exit, you automatically get the discount.


Payment with bizz
Norway uses a free flow system. You do not have to stop to pay, but simply drive through.


Where can I use bizz?

  • You can use bizz for Europe on the bridge between Malmö and Copenhagen – the Öresund Bridge.

View prices for commercial vehicles on the Öresund Bridge

Payment with bizz

  • Drive through the toll plazas on the Öresund bridge via the reserved lanes for heavy traffic, and payment is registered automatically.


40% discounts on ferries in Norway

Set up a Norway Agreement with us, and get 40% discount on over 90 ferries, with easy payment of road tolls as well.

Green discount for the Great Belt Bridge

Get a 13% Green discount crossing the Great Belt Bridge for vehicles meeting the Euro 6 requirements. Easy registration of your vehicle with us.

Half price over Öresund

You get 50% discount crossing the Öresund Bridge with BroPas Business. Set up an agreement with us and avoid set-up fees and subscription.

Easy access to ports

You can use your bizz for easy access through access control at a number of Danish ports, terminals and businesses.

We make tolling easy for you

The right tolling solution is a lot more than just a device on your windscreen. We have over 20 years of experience in putting together solutions for vehicles over 3,500 kg. They make life easier and free up more time for the drivers, as well as office personnel.

Easy administration saves time and money

Our digital world gathers all available information on your agreement, presenting you with an overview of e.g. trips made and invoices. You can easily order products and adjust your agreement here.

  • Overview with online self-service at all times
  • Efficient administration and updating
  • Invoices that suit your business.
Read about self-service

Great prices and up to 50% discount

Our bizz ensures you the best prices and discounts on bridges, ferries and roads. 40% on ferries in Norway, and 50% over the Öresund for example. You also gain easy access to ports and parking facilities throughout Europe.


  • Automatic payment and great prices
  • Discount in Denmark and Europe
  • No set-up fee.
See prices and discounts

Denmark, Scandinavia and Europe in a single device

You pay automatically using bizz for everything from bridges and roads to ferries and parking in up to 11 countries in Europe. Get a quality, long-lasting product customised to your needs.


  • One bizz for all your trips
  • Choose bizz or bizz for Europe
  • Bridges, toll roads, ferries, etc.
See our coverage

A partnership designed to support your business

We regard collaboration with you as a form of partnership based on your business and which follows your progress. If your needs change, we can quickly adjust our agreement.


  • Fast, competent help.
  • An agreement that follows your progress
  • Focus on your business
Read more on our partnership

Write the business team

We’ll do our best to respond within 24 hours.

Call the business team

Contact our experienced team specialising in tolling to buses and trucks Mon–Thurs 9.00–16.00 and Fri 9.00–15.30.
+45 7080 8081

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Country: Denmark
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