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Denmark or Europe? Brobizz is with you all the way

Your bizz package will be designed to precisely fit your business. Regardless of where you transport goods in Denmark or in the rest of Europe, you get a simple solution that brings it all together in a single bizz.

One device on the windscreen is enough

Life gets easier behind the wheel and in the accounts department when you collect payment for tolling in a single device. All you need is one bizz device on the windscreen for automatic payment on roads, bridges and ferries at the lowest price, and often with a discount. Our bizz is a quality product that lasts for years and works with most payment collection facilities on roads, ferries and bridges, for example. It means faster passage and fewer stops when payment is required.


Tolling in Denmark
Get automatic payment on bridges in Denmark and pass quickly through access control in ports with an agreement with us.

  • Automatic payment with bizz on the Great Belt, Kronprinsesse Mary and Öresund bridges.
  • Special agreements with a discount on the Great Belt and Öresund Bridges.
  • Passage through access control at the ports of Vejle, Kolding and Aarhus.
  • Passage through access control in your own area and for selected businesses.


Tolling in Scandinavia
Get around Denmark, Sweden and Norway easily, areas where it can be a problem due to the many toll roads and ferries.

  • Automatic payment with bizz on toll roads in Norway.
  • Covers just about all toll bridges in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.
  • Special agreements that give 40% discount on over 90 different ferries in Norway
  • Big discounts in and around Oslo and on the Great Belt Bridge for more recent Euro 6 HGVs and buses.


Tolling in Europe
Pay automatically with your bizz in 11 European countries, and get all your trips billed via a single device and on one invoice.         

  • Toll roads in Austria, Portugal, France, Italy, Belgium, Poland, Germany, Spain, Norway and Sweden.
  • Bridges and tunnels in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.
  • Possibility of a Norway Agreement giving 40% discount on ferries in Norway.
  • Special agreements with discount on roads or bridges in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and
  • Access control at the Ports of Vejle, Kolding and Aarhus.
  • Parking facilities in France, Italy and Spain.

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Country: Denmark
Language: English

Country: Denmark
Language: English