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Easy administration saves time and money

Our digital world gathers all available information on your agreement, presenting you with an overview of e.g. trips made and invoices. You can easily order products and adjust your agreement here.

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Great prices and up to 50% discount

Our bizz ensures you the best prices and discounts on bridges, ferries and roads. 40% on ferries in Norway, and 50% over the Öresund for example. You also gain easy access to ports and parking facilities throughout Europe.

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Denmark and Scandinavia in a single device

You pay automatically using bizz for everything from bridges and roads to ferries and parking. Get a quality, long-lasting product customised to your needs.

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A partnership designed to support your business

We regard collaboration with you as a form of partnership based on your business and which follows your progress. If your needs change, we can quickly adjust our agreement.

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Bizz for Europe

Pay with a single device through most of Europe. You pay automatically for vehicles over 3,500 kg on roads, bridges, ferries and other toll facilities with bizz for Europe.


bizz means easy payment for HGVs and buses in Denmark and Scandinavia with a single device. You can also get discounts, e.g. on the Great Belt and Öresund bridges, and ferries in Norway.


40% discounts on ferries in Norway

Set up a Norway Agreement with us, and get 40% discount on over 90 ferries, with easy payment of road tolls as well.

Green discount for the Great Belt Bridge

Get a 13% Green discount crossing the Great Belt Bridge for vehicles meeting the Euro 6 requirements. Easy registration of your vehicle with us.

Half price over Öresund

You get 50% discount crossing the Öresund Bridge with BroPas Business. Set up an agreement with us and avoid set-up fees and subscription.

Easy access to ports

You can use your bizz for easy access through access control at a number of Danish ports, terminals and businesses.

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Country: Denmark
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Country: Denmark
Language: English