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Prices and discounts using BroBizz®

BroBizz A/S issues the BroBizz devices that are used as a means of payment with our partners/local operators (e.g. The Great Belt Bridge and the Øresund Bridge).

As a Business customer, you enter into an agreement with BroBizz A/S, who will issue you with a BroBizz and collect payment for your consumption on your BroBizz.

The prices charged on your BroBizz are determined by our partners/local operators. At many places you automatically get a discount when you pay with BroBizz. With many of our partners/local operators, you can also take out special agreements and get even bigger discounts.We recommend that you check out prices, discounts and special agreements with our partners/local operators, where you pay with BroBizz.

If you think that you have been charged the wrong price, please contact our partner/local operator where you have used your BroBizz.

Our partners/local operators:

Great Belt Bridge (Storebæltsbroen)
Oresund Bridge (Øresundsbroen)
Billund Airport
Copenhagen Airport
The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Statens Vegvesen)
ASFINAG (Austria)

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