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BroBizz på tur

Order BroBizz for Business

For most companies, one or more OBEs is a necessity, and when you choose BroBizz A/S as your provider, we strive to secure you the best conditions for automatic payment at toll roads, bridges, and ferries.

We are continuously developing the product, so that you receive the best possible discounts and can use BroBizz® as a payment method at a growing number of locations.

Order BroBizz

If the company is already a customer, you can log into My Account and order an extra BroBizz. This ensures that you have an overview of all your payments in one place. Click on ‘Order extra BroBizz’.

This is how you order extra BroBizz®

If you are already a customer and want additional BroBizz added to your agreement, you must log into My Account.

  • Select Order extra BroBizz in the menu
  • Create one or more additional BroBizz by clicking on Add BroBizz
  • If you are driving in Norway with vehicles over 3500 kgs, it is a requirement that your BroBizz is registered with registration number, vehicle type and country code. 
  • Select payment method
  • Click OK 

You will receive your extra BroBizz within five business days.

A BroBizz ensures speedy and automatic payment on toll roads, bridges and ferries

With a BroBizz agreement you will receive many benefits that save time both in your administration and when you are driving:

  • Your BroBizz works at more than 55 locations, including on toll roads, bridges and ferries. At several ports, it can be used as an access pass. 
  • You only pay at one place, i.e. BroBizz A/S, regardless of where you use your BroBizz.
  • You avoid the inconvenience of cash, local currency or payment card.
  • You will pass through the toll stations faster.
  • You will save administration time.
  • You can use My Account to track your usage, order extra or block BroBizz, retrieve driving overviews and much more.

At many locations, you receive a discount when you pay with BroBizz. For some locations you can also enter into special agreements and receive even greater discounts. We therefore recommend that you inquire about prices, discounts and options for special agreements at the toll station where you want to pay using BroBizz.

This is how BroBizz works

The BroBizz unit contains an antenna, which sends a unique BroBizz number to the toll stations you pass. When a toll station has received the number, the gate opens, and you can drive through without having to wait.

We then send a total invoice, or the sum is charged to the payment card that is linked to the applicable BroBizz. All payments can be found in My Account.

If the payment card is invalid, you may find that at certain locations the gate does not go up, and at other locations you will later receive a bill. Therefore, it is important that a valid payment card is linked to each BroBizz. Updates can be done quickly in My Account.

Privacy Policy

When you order BroBizz, you provide us with data that is necessary for us to have in connection with your customer relationship. We take good care of the data you have provided us with. You can read more about how in our privacy policy. Read BroBizz A/S' Privacy Policy