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Pay with bizz for Europe on all toll roads in Austria

This is what you need to do

Pay with bizz for Europe

Use the reserved lanes – your payment will be registered automatically.

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Please be aware

  • No discounts
    Discounts can’t be given in Austria.
  • Your OBU has to be approved and active
    Vehicles over 3,500 kg must have an approved and active OBU installed. This device has to be configured for the vehicle in which it is fitted. It’s important for you to have your Vehicle Declaration with you, as you may be asked to show it. The Vehicle Declaration must match the data coded into your bizz for Europe. You risk high fines if you fail to comply with the requirements.

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Trucks and buses

Trucks and buses

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Pay with bizz for Europe

Storebælt Bridge, Øresund Bridge, Kronprinsesse Marys Bro (Bridge), access control at the Ports of Vejle, Kolding and Aarhus, roads and ferries in Norway, roads in Austria, Portugal, France, Italy, Belgium, Poland, Germany and Sweden

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Country: Denmark
Language: English

Country: Denmark
Language: English