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Please note that due to coronavirus / COVID-19, there may be altered traffic conditions, e.g. changes in sailing plans or restrictions at national borders. Therefore, we recommend that you seek information about current conditions on our partners websites or social channels before you leave.

Get the maximum discount at Norwegian toll stations!

As a Business customer you can now get even bigger discounts at Norwegian toll stations if you are driving vehicles over 3500 kg.

Some Norwegian toll stations offer discounts that are bigger than the EasyGo discount that you currently have as a BroBizz A/S customer. You have the opportunity to enter into a special agreement with BroBizz A/S for vehicles over 3500 kg. This agreement gives you access to get maximum discounts at the Norwegian toll stations, and it involves no prepayment per BroBizz.

BroBizz A/S can also handle your discount agreements with Great Belt Bridge and Øresund Bridge.

Discount available: 30 % on the Moss-Horten ferry connection at Bastø Fosen

Contact us today to conclude an Additional Agreement, which provides access to the maximum discount in Norway:

By e-mail:

or by phone: +45 70 20 70 49

The benefits for you

  • Maximum discounts at Norwegian toll stations
  • No prepayment
  • One contracting party, one contact point
  • All payments are made via BroBizz A/S, no matter how you use your BroBizz
  • Visibility in gross prices from the Norwegian toll stations
  • Easy and efficient administration
  • Overview of your spending via My Account

What does it cost

  • DKK 190 agreement deposit per BroBizz (the agreement deposit is refunded if the BroBizz is cancelled again)
  • DKK 75 registration fee per BroBizz (one-time payment)
  • 6% service fee for each invoice