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18 May 2022

Number plate payment can now be used for payment on the major bridges

Going forwards, as a truck customer, you’ll be able use your number plate to pay for trips across the Storebælt Bridge and the Øresund Bridge. This solution, launched by Brobizz A/S, is just the first in a series of new digital products on the way.

Flexible solution for our customers

Instead of having a physical bizz in the truck, a haulier or a shipping agent, for example, can use the number plate to pay and register the trip across the bridge. The payment is based on ANPR technology, whereby the number plate is read by a camera when the truck arrives at the toll booth. At the same time, an invoice for the trip is automatically generated.

“We want to offer a more flexible solution that doesn’t require a shipping agent with 1,000 vehicles to have a bizz in every single truck. We know from our customers that managing multiple bizzes can be a daunting prospect, which is something the number plate payment solution will change,” says Henrik Heller Esberg, Managing Director of Brobizz A/S.

Heading towards a digital future

Although the number plate payment solution is only a supplement to the well-known bizz, which is a physical device that communicates with the toll booth, it’s also the first step towards keeping pace with other digital developments, such as the replacement of physical credit cards with digital payment solutions on mobile phones.

“Our products and self-service portal will see a significant boost in 2022 with a long-term ambition to have 100% digital products and solutions. By this we mean that there will be no need for extra physical units in the trucks for payment,” says Henrik.

As with a physical bizz, the number plate payment solution will give access to a green discount on the Storebælt Bridge, where business customers get 13% off the cost of the crossing if the vehicle complies with Euro 6 or is an electric or hydrogen-powered vehicle.

Facts about number plate payment

  • Brobizz launches number plate payment in May 2022. For the time being, it can be used to pay on the Storebælt Bridge and the Øresund Bridge.
  • It’s free for our customers to register for a number plate payment agreement.
  • The solution is flexible, and you can easily delete and create the number plate product as needed.
  • Number plate payment is 100% digital and you don’t need a bizz.
  • Number plate payment gives access to the green discount on the Storebælt Bridge in the same way as a physical bizz.
  • Works for trucks registered in: Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Lithuania
  • It will soon work for more countries: Poland, Latvia, Romania and Bulgaria
  • If you’re an existing credit-approved invoice customer or you pay by card, you can cross the Storebælt Bridge 20 minutes after the number plate payment agreement has been set up.
  • If you have a BroPass business agreement associated with the number plate payment agreement, you can also cross the Øresund Bridge within 20 minutes. Alternatively, it takes up to 24 hours.

Click here to learn more about number plate payment.


Country: Denmark
Language: English

Country: Denmark
Language: English